Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I call a veterinarian for my fish and invertebrates?

Certainly! The medicine of fish and invertebrates is a special discipline even among veterinarians. However, these animals deserve the same attention and treatment as any other pets. Nowadays the broodstock or a unique variant of a species with special color or form could represent a large value. But the emotional value for the owner is also important. We will use the best of our knowledge to help.


How to recognize if my animal is sick?

In general, it is said that all behaviors that are different from the normal could be a warning sign! Lethargy, hiding, loss of appetite could be a symptom. We have to be familiar with the habits of our animals. There can be cases when a fish doesn’t eat for days or even weeks. This could be normal, depending on its natural behavior and species. But the above mentioned symptoms are certainly worth taking seriously and it might be useful to call an expert as soon as possible.

We would like to help with some common symptoms:

Shrimps, crayfish:

 loss of appetite


– discoloration

– ectoparasites

– unusual movement pattern


 loss of appetite


 long term discoloration

 abnormal swimming

 wounds on the body

 increased gill movement

 Air swallowing

 swollen body

 visible ectoparasites



My animal is sick! What can I do?

You should call your aquatic vet as soon as possible! But don’t forget, in most cases personal examination is necessary for the proper diagnose.

You can help the vet to make the diagnosis with the following important details:

 What species we’re talking about? What kind of environment does it live in? (Aquarium size, decoration, tankmates, filtering, food etc.)

 What seems to be abnormal in your animal’s behavior?

 Does it eat well? When was the las time it ate and what?

 Were there any major or minor changes in its direct or indirect environment?

 What are the water parameters? (If you can measure) Do you see any visible changes in the water?

 A photo or video in GOOD quality could help a lot in the beginning of the process.


Nowadays there are so many medicines available in shops. Why should I call a vet if it’s possible to solve the problem with those?

The question could be legitimate, but let’s think about it. You see a lesion on your animal, which could be caused by several kind of pathogens. Are you sure that you can tell which one without examination? Which medicine is the most effective against the problem? Unfortunately, in large percentage of cases, the answer is: no. With those attempts we overload the environment and the animal with unnecessary substances. The biggest problem is caused when we do this with antibiotics. Their irresponsible use is now a serious concern, both in nature, in veterinary and human medicinetoo. We can prevent the resistance of antibiotics/antimicrobials, if we let the usage of these drugs to professionals and we keep their instructions strictly.

It is worth mentioning, that it is hard to save the life of an animal that has been mistreated for weeks by the owner with improper drugs.